Even though actor, teacher, voice-over talent, presenter, director and writer Dan Schlosser can not only solve English language presentations – and informative work, he is obviously best known for all of the above in Danish.

Just ask all the television viewers and radio listeners who, since the end of the 1980's have heard his voice in countless documentaries, one of Denmark's most successful quiz-shows, animated films, radio and TV commercials, information films and productions.

Anyway, he has been first and foremost an actor since the age of 14. He received his formal training at Odense Theatre and has worked an enormous amount in theatre, revues, entertainment, theatre-sport and improv-theatre. Yes, he has even played parts in TV-series and one major film. Apart from all this, Dan also teaches – both up and coming and present actors, business people and in institutions of higher education.

Before you are left completely gasping for breath over Dan's whirlwind-like activity, it needs to be mentioned that he also works as a director and is the author of reams of comic and cabaret scripts, many dramatic productions and various books on different subjects.

If at this point you have not had enough of Dan Schlosser, then take a look at some of his photos available here. And then why not some voice samples and video clips here?

Ps: Such a shame you don't understand Danish because there is so much more to tell and then all the referrals…

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